You will have been sent or made aware of where to find the terms and conditions applicable to all private hire at the time of your enquiry. If for any reason you have made a booking and are later unhappy with the terms and conditions, please contact us on 020 8690 1487 or email to discuss further.

Deposits & Payments

  • No group booking will be confirmed until deposit monies have been received

  • Deposits must be paid in one transaction

  • Deposits are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed at any time after the booking has been finalised

  • Final dining numbers are required upon payment of the deposit. Requests for additional guests after this point will be subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed

  • Deposits are non-transferrable

  • Deposit monies paid for all guests present on the day, will be deducted from the bill.


  • The settlement of the final bill must be made at the conclusion of the booking

  • Deposit monies paid for all guests present on the day, will be deducted from the bill

  • NOTE: We do not have the facility to create multiple bills and take multiple payments. For tables of 6 or more, we will NOT take multiple payments, due to time constraints. We will expect the lead booker to settle the whole bill upon request.



  • We can cater for all dietary requirements

  • For group dining bookings with pre orders; please note that your food pre-order needs to be supplied 10 days before the booking date to ensure a smooth service

  • Menus are not interchangeable. Strictly one menu type to be selected per booking, no mixing of menus is permitted

  • Only food and drink supplied by Fourteen87 can be consumed on the premises.


Additional Notes for Reservations

  • On tables of groups of 10 or less, there is a reservation time of 2 hours. It may not be possible to extend this if you arrive late, even if you notify us of your late arrival

  • Guests may be called 24-48 hours in advance to confirm attendance. If we are not able to confirm with you, we reserve the right to release your table, in order to accommodate another booking

  • The restaurant will hold tables for 20 minutes (maximum) past your reservation time

  • We may not phone to confirm reservations again once the deposit has been taken. So please remember to call us if you need to make any amendments to your booking

  • For large bookings, all guests will need to order drinks from the bar and not from the table

  • Drink tabs will be permitted for large bookings, but these will need to be paid for in advance of the booking or upon arrival. Please ensure your guests are made aware they must quote your name at the bar, to ensure their drinks are added to your tab

  • Table requests are not always guaranteed; large bookings may be split over multiple tables wherein food will be served to each table in turn

  • You may decorate the area/table with balloons. But please be aware that banners, table confetti and party poppers are not permitted

  • Please inform management if you are planning to decorate and need earlier access to the venue. All decorative items are your responsibility and must be removed by the end of your booking

  • For all bookings with 11 guests and over, your table is available for 2.5 hours from the time of your reservation

  • Please make sure your party arrives promptly as we will require your full party to depart 2.5 hours after the time of your reservation, to allow for the next sitting

  • Guests arriving late are to be made aware that in order to keep to the 2.5-hour reservation time, the menu items are to be grouped accordingly upon arrival. E.g. no starters can arrive on the table when the majority party is expecting their mains. So, if the party are enjoying their mains upon your arrival, you will be served your main and will be provided your starter as a takeaway item

  • Please note service of the full menu may be affected if your party is late

  • Please advise your guests that all steaks will be cooked medium-well to ensure an efficient service for large groups – unless advised to the contrary.



  • If you need to cancel your booking, please do so as soon as possible

  • If you cancel more than 21 days before your booking, your deposit will be refunded in full

  • If you cancel less than 21 days before your booking, your full deposit will be retained.


Confirming Numbers

  • We may call you as a matter of courtesy nearer the time, but we will take the numbers confirmed at the time of booking as the final numbers. Unless you notify us to the contrary

  • If your booking is confirmed for 20 people, but only 15 guests turn up, for example, you are not liable for a refund of your deposit for those 5 no show guests

  • We will attempt to accommodate increases in numbers to your party, however, this cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure you give as much notice as possible if the number of guests in your party changes.



  • Please also adhere to a casual elegance dress code. Although we welcome and encourage any style; we do ask that guests refrain from wearing sportswear, or caps of any kind. Men are encouraged to wear a collared shirt and all guests must wear smart footwear/trainers to be permitted entry. We reserve the right to refuse entry if the dress code policy is not met

  • If anyone in the party is under the age of 18, please make this known at the time of booking.

  • Fourteen87 will not take responsibility for any items left, lost or misplaced by any member of your party

  • We kindly request you to vacate the area/table at the agreed time

  • Management reserves the right to refuse admission to those behaving in what we believe is an unreasonable manner

  • Please note that vaping pens and e-cigarettes are not permitted inside the premises

  • Fourteen87 reminds you to drink responsibly and security may ask persons to leave or refuse service to any person at any time

  • Fourteen87 has a zero-tolerance drug policy and expects the highest standards of behaviour at all times. Anyone found in possession of drugs or causing trouble on the premises will be automatically removed and banned from the premises

  • Please note all relevant incidents will be reported to the Police.


Hours of Operation

Monday & Tuesday: Closed (Available for private hire only)

Wednesday-Saturday: 5pm-10:30pm (Extended/Late hours available for private hire)

Sunday: 1pm-6pm (Extended/Late hours available for private hire)


Thank you for reading our terms and conditions. Please note that by agreeing to the booking, you agree to these terms and conditions. Should you have any questions, please do contact us via email leaving your contact number along with your query and someone in our team will be in touch. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 020 8690 1487 and someone in our team will be happy to help.